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Increase in prices is not a tax . It's an ineacrse in price. Moreover, one consequence of the current economic collapse is the loss of price elasticity for consumer goods, i.e., retailers can't raise prices. They are having to lower them. So, according to your thinking, this must constitute a fall in our tax rate. Right?The only tax of mine that has gone up since Obama took office is my California State Tax, thanks to Governor Schwarzennegger, a Republican. My federal tax hasn't gone up a dime.As for ACORN you have yet to make an argument about how ACORN caused the economic collapse, and you haven't presented a shred of evidence to support that very weird claim. So I can't be on the wrong side of an argument, if there is no argument in the first place.As for your point about Iran in your previous post: We have the Bush administration and its unnecessary war in Iraq to thank for the growth of Iranian influence and power in the Gulf. We deposed Iran's beggest regional enemy, Saddam Hussein, and created a majority Shi'a state whose Shi'a majority have deep and lasting ties with Iran's elites. We handed Iraq to Iran on a silver platter.We have the moronic neocons and Republicans to thank for that. Now that these dodos are out of power, perhaps we can get some real security in place.

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aaa świeżość czuję aż i wiaterek!

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kurde jak fale na morzu, ładnie

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Świetne odcień niebieskiego, idealny dla śniegu.